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Thinking of cooking a meal extremely rich in flavour? Make yourself a CURRY


Geeta curry paste or any other ready made curry paste of your choice - Mushrooms - Coriander - Onions - Spring onions - Bell peppers - Scotch bonnet pepper (optional) - Chickpeas - Salt - Coconut milk - Sweet corn - Any noodles of your choice - Oil


Boil noodles,drain and leave to the side.

Wash and chop your veggies into how ever shape you want

Add a little bit of oil onto pot (if you want to veggies to swim in oil, add more oil)

Fry all your vegetables together for 3mins (Mushrooms,Coriander, Onions, Spring onions, Bell peppers, Scotch bonnet pepper (optional) Chickpeas, Sweetcorn

Add geeta’s curry paste and stir for 1min

Add coconut milk (if you want mixture to be lighter, add more coconut milk) - mix and leave to cook on medium heat for 7-10mins

Taste. And adjust seasoning if needed.

Note: If it’s a little too spicy for you, add a bit more coconut milk.

To serve, plate as in photo or put noodles on plate and add curry on top.

Sprinkle coriander and spring onion for a fancier looking plate


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