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You may be wondering "what recipe is this!!!?".

I also asked myself the same question when creating this plate.

Well, its different recipes on one plate. The flavours are out of this world but word of advice: have this on a day when you plan to eat one meal only. It fills you up!

Falafel curry

You need:

Tahini paste - Lettuce - Olive oil - Banana or plantain - lime - salt and ingredients in the pages highlighted below.

To make wrap, see here

To make falafel see page

To make curry, see here but add sweet corn, bell peppers and callaloo or kale to the mixture when cooking.

On plate, place your wraps and layer with tahini paste.

Fry banana or plantain and put to the side of plate.

Chop lettuce and cucumber, place in a bowl, add olive oil, salt, lime and mix.

Add to the side of your place and add your falafel balls and curry in the middle as in photo.


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