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Life in Detail

Keeping My Body & Mind Busy

My bedtime is usually 9:30-10pm and wake up time is 5:30am daily. With my first activity of the day been my morning prayer. Before following the routine below.

Below is a photo that sums up my summer mornings. Cycle to park nearby and get a sweat on before heading to fitness classes.The greener my environment, the happier I am. I view my time spent in nature as free therapy! 

When I hear people say "I don't know how to draw", I find that statement hard to believe. Art is a form of therapy. If you can hold a paint brush, you can be your own artist. 

Plants! The sense of calm and happiness I feel when looking after my plants and watching them grow is unexplainable. If you are a first time plant mum, my advice would be to get plants that are easy to maintain and adding more variety as you go.

We find ourselves in a world where, not only are we chasing time, we seem to be going faster than time and as a result, we burn out! If your life functions on go go go, there is a huge tendency that you will potentially crash. Make it a part of your schedule to spend time outside the rushed lifestyle that we live. 

I've never been one to workout because I want to have the greatest physique. I workout because I enjoy the exercises that I do and the bonus is, it keeps me looking fit. Below is my at home 'Butt Don't Touch' workout explained. 

I get asked a lot what my life at home consist of and its very simple. Apart from everything you already know about me. The kitchen is my happy place. I have close friends over, I cook, we eat, play games and chat about all things positive that interest us.

I love to keep my skincare products as natural as I can. Here's how I prepare for my ginger & hibiscus bath.


Below are a few of my favourite herbal drinks with so many health benefits. 

They can be bought online and in your local supermarkets or Afro Caribbean shops.



hibiscus flower.jpg

Hibiscus Flower




My skin and hair products


Coconut Oil


Lavender Oil


Shea Butter


Tea Tree Oil


Olive Oil


Eucalyptus Oil

Where I shop for herbal products

My most trusted herbal shopping destination is BolingoBalance. Owned by Victor Bowman, son of the Late Dr Sebi (Alfredo Bowman).


Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 18.55_edited.jpg


The information on this page is not intended to replace medical advice. Please speak to a professional if you need advice on health matters.

The foods and products I consume are for my own personal health and well being. 

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