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“...I found myself at the pawn shop, selling the last of my belongings that was of any value. Other days, I cleaned houses near the homeless shelter I lived in but most days I was just a young woman, questioning her own existence while being raised by life itself and guided by faith”


I am Yasmin Jamaal and this is my journey so far...

Guest Blog

To all the wonder women out there who have inspiring stories and insightful advice to share, I have created the guest blog as a safe space where we can write, share and support each other.

This is not just my website or blog, this is ours and I cannot wait to hear from you. Get in touch with subject heading "guest write" for more info on how you can become a guest writer or click below to read.

Disclaimer: due to the sensitivity of some posts, names of 'some' guest writers have been changed. 


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The world is a better place when we learn from and about each other. Understand each other, use our histories as a reason for growth, understanding, unity and love instead of division.


Africa has a rich history. A history that did not begin with slavery. A history of Kings and Queens, thriving kingdoms and economies. Female warriors. Women who fought alongside men in battles.


As it is with everywhere else in the world, there are the upsides and downsides of every nation... Yes, Africa is still developing but that’s the beauty of it and I am happy that I get to have this little spot on the internet where I get to share my home with you.


My wish is that you learn something while you are here.

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Let me take you home


Jamaal Foundation

I went home (Sierra Leone) for the first time in almost a decade. It felt like I had never left. My mind, body and my soul felt at rest. 


I did not travel to Freetown because I wanted to holiday but because those two weeks of being in Sierra Leone would play a crucial part in the decision I made next. 


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Jamaal Interior Design



I find peace and joy in transforming spaces and lives through my passion for Interior Design and Decluttering all while looking stylish yet carrying myself with humility as I do my job. 

Jamaal Interiors is named after my late father and inspired by my mother's love for decor and peaceful home living. 

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