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Hello virtual family! I did not plan on mentioning "how to prevent farts" in this video but it had to be said.

As promised, here is another unboxing from BuyWholeFoodsOnline. As a customer, this is my fifth year using their products and I have not had any issues with the quality so far and their customer service has always been top notch.

You will find recipes here in which I used some items from this order.

I'd like to highlight that their coconut milk has a shorter expiration date, which I appreciate. This contrasts with other brands that extend shelf life through added chemicals. In my view, organic, chemical-free products should not have a prolonged shelf life, as natural ingredients tend to deteriorate quickly.

Personally, I consume most cooking products within three months, emphasising my preference for fresh food and buying only what I need. Below is a video showcasing the received order. I eagerly anticipate receiving your message detailing the items you ordered from this company.

With love,

Yasmin Jamaal.

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